Optometry students - first year

sSpecialist Direct OphthalmoscopeKeeler has been offering high quality optometric equipment to the optometry school market for over 80 years. We are the leader in optically superior products and have a warranty and service guarantee to match! 

Choosing your ophthalmoscope

The Keeler direct ophthalmoscope has been the choice of the ophthalmic profession for decades and continues to be. Our collimated lens system is designed to focus the light on a curved surface via the patient's optical pathway. A superior ophthalmoscope is designed to focus at infinity i.e. to match the optical properties of a patient's eye and therefor appears out of focus when viewed on paper. In other words, the out of focus image on paper will become a razor sharp image in a patient's fundus. Likewise if the image is clear on paper, how can it be clear in the eye?

Comfort and fit
With curved surfaces and subtle patient side marking, each ophthalmoscope has been designed to fit snugly into the orbital bone.

Unlike other straight sided brands, the contoured, curved ophthalmoscope head guarantees an optimal viewing angle, larger field of view, and the smooth line surfaces ensure a patient friendly non-threatening instrument.

Slimline handles
Keeler hand helds are supplied on a slimline, lightweight robust handle.

Light, tough and built to last
Keeler ophthalmoscopes are built from resilient, lightweight materials to give you many years of trouble free service. High impact resistant covers combined with a strong metal chassis protect the carefully aligned optics and allow Keeler ophthalmoscopes to with stand the rigours of everyday use for years to come.

Controllable light for bright, clear images
The bright white halogen and xenon illumination is fully adjustable from zero. This ensures the comfort of your patients and the best possible diagnosis for you.

Reflex free images
Individually controlled optics reduce the effect of corneal reflex whilst minimising shadows and providing clearer retinal visualisation.

Keeler student warranty
All Keeler instruments are unconditionally warranted for as long as you are a student or resident – even if you drop it! Simply return your instrument to us and we will repair or replace it at Keeler's discretion. Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Loaner instruments, bulbs and all accessories are available throughout the year.

If you are returning a product for Service our team of technicians are here to help. With over 10,000 square feet of space in our Malvern location our turn-around time is the same day.

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